Piano Mover- A professional mover eases piano transportation

Piano mover companies should have exceptional knowledge to move pianos. Pianos should not be damaged when moving. People need experts who can dismantle the piano before moving it. The owner should not move the piano alone because of lack of technical know-how Non- consistent movers charge low prices and provide poor services to clients.

Piano movers use special equipment like piano skids, moving pads, ramps and slings. They also use exceptional skills to contrive the piano out of the house. About 3-4 people are used to move the piano.

The piano is positioned in the truck and moved to its destination. In the truck, it is protected to avoid damages. The piano may not be utterly protected against damages, as some risks may occur.

One may contact piano stores to know professional piano movers they use. Some movers are equipped than others while some have vast experience. Piano stores know the capabilities of different piano movers hence can provide guidelines.

Renowned piano movers are insured against three risks. These policies are cartage insurance which covers the piano, automotive insurance which covers the vehicles and other properties and workman’s safety insurance which covers the workers.

If the company does not have workman’s safety insurance, the owner of the piano will be compelled to incur medical expenses incase of injuries.

A moving company should provide the bill of lading to the client. This is a legal document detailing of the piano, the owner’s name, the registered name of the mover, where the piano is moved from and the destination, terms and conditions of the cartage. The document makes the mover to compensate incase of damages during transportation.

Moving the piano does not impinge on the sound and tuning. Climatic changes, carpets, and hardwoods are factors that can affect sound.

Booking notice is given depending on the season. During high season, about one Month notice and three days during low seasons.

Before contracting a piano mover one should know the period a mover has been in business, referees if any, the number of trained staff, availability of the bill of lading, terms of carnage and moving charges.

The information the owner should provide to the piano mover include the type of piano, the place where the piano is to be picked, where it should be delivered, the nature of the house where it will be delivered- which floor, Date of moving and the size of the piano.

The information provided will determine the cost and the number of staff to be involved. A light piano weighs between 250- 500 pound and heavy ones between 500 to 100 pounds. Knowing the weight is critical in logistics, for example the manpower and cost estimates.


A certified piano mover is needed to move the piano to a different destination. They use special equipemt and knowledge the piano owner could not have. Safety is not compromised and the insurance cover reaffirms the confidence of engaging movers. Handling and wrapping is efficient, even if piano hits the sides of the walls, one is sure of shock absorption.