Piano Moving Estimate

Piano Moving Estimate – Preparing Moving Budgetary

Piano moving estimate is payable in two ways: First is the hourly rate bill called household mover way. This is billed on hourly basis. Secondly is the professional piano mover way. The bill will depend on these parameters- moving distance, Level of strain, type of the piano and waiting time.

It is better to know the provision of insurance to cover in event damages and losses.

The current estimate of moving the upright piano locally is about $125 and $ 600 for grand pianos moved with difficulty. An average of $ 700- 1200 is required to move pianos for long distances. This depends on the level of strain in loading and offloading.

Costs for Tranportation of Piano

An estimate of $ 270-400 is required when the piano is transported by the owner. It involves hiring experts who packs and loads into the vehicle and the owner drives to the destination. Experts are hired to offload and unpack at the destination.

Other costs expected includes fee for moving up the staircase, approximately $ 2-$10 per step, $50-$ 60 Monthly for climate controlled storage upon request, $ 750- $ 200 for crane lifting, $7-$10 per$ 1000 cost of value for insurance expenses. This factor varies with companies. The insurance cover for workers is important.

Other factors that determine the moving cost includes, one’s living conditions, movers’ experiences and whether the piano is to be moved with other items.

Assessment of conditions of Piano

The terrain affect cost estimates. Moving pianos in straining conditions may result to high costs Majority of movers charge per hour basis. The movers visit the owner’s home to assess the conditions. The assessment determines the moving cost. Another factor that determines the cost is the distance. It is expensive to move pianos overseas. This is because of the documentation involved and the distance factor.

The owner should take pictures of the piano before packed and loaded and before unpacked and offloaded. This helps in determining the level of damage if any.

The moving estimate includes wrapping, packing, loading, transporting and offloading services. Unloading can be done upon request.

The owner should determine whether the cost is final to avoid other unexpected expenses. The moving of piano between the Months of May through September is expensive. The cost is 20% more the cost of moving in other Months.

Many companies  are offering discounts to people who make orders online. This factor varies with companies .Other movers offer certain percentage discount to AAA members.

Piano movers’ estimates can be obtained through asking people in the neighborhood who have contracted piano movers, making telephone calls, through internet search and inquiring from piano teachers and piano stores. The American Movers and Storage Association provide a website to obtain estimates.


The piano moving estimate depends on the size of the piano, moving distance, the condition of the piano, level of strain expected during moving, the living conditions and the piano mover. The estimates vary with seasons and they can always change with time. Companies that have been in moving business for long may charge higher because of the experience and reputation.