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Find a Piano moving company by all the 50 States for services. Piano moving requires finesses and great skill. Sheer brute strength will not hack it. Many a mover who has chosen to remain blind to this fact has often paid dearly for their oversight. Like any other heavy household item, furniture and such, moving a piano requires specialized equipment. But unlike other household items, piano movers require specialized skills to help them cope with the challenges of moving the items.

Moving a piano is an exercise full of dangers and caution must be exercised at every moment when moving the item. One wrong move can result in great fatality. Pianos are heavy and expensive equipment. If the exercise is not well coordinated, the consequences can be dire. A wrong move can result in a damaged piano at best and a dead mover in the worst-case scenario.

Our specialized movers have been providing piano moving solutions for a long time.

They have moved every kind of piano and organ there is interstate, intrastate and international. Whether you are looking to move an upright, studio, concert, spinet or any other piano organ, we will move your piano organ for you with ease and reliability.

Our specialized moving crew will show up at your premises with the right equipment to ensure that your piano is moved and delivered in the same condition. Regardless of the obstacles that might be present, spiral stairs, elevators, and ramps, our crew will deliver your piano where you want it in the same condition they picked it. That will save you the extra cost of hiring a tuner to work on your instrument after the move. Our movers make use of pulleys systems, skids, dolly and straps to ensure that your instrument is moved with the greatest care possible. This greatly reduces the chances of damaging the piano during a move.

We offer Piano Storage

Apart from piano moving services, we also offer storage solutions to ensure that your piano remains in pristine condition during and after it is moved. We provide piano storage facilities. You can view some of our storage facilities and rates by clicking on the storage link within your state or the state you wish to move to.

You can also check and compare quotes from various piano moving companies within your area by following the link provided. And that is not all, you can also get online piano moving estimates from various companies within your locality online. This will help your budget and plan for your piano move. But as stated earlier, moving a piano is a task best handled by professionals. Attempting a DIY can be dangerous and end up being more expensive than paying pros to do it for you.