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Piano Movers New York Versus Self-Moving

In most cases, moving is not an option, but a necessity. And the question is usually how to move, the options available is hiring piano movers New York or doing self-moving. Each of these two approaches has merits and demerits . And you will have to consider your own situation in order to make the right choice. What works for one person may not work for you.

The major downside of using a professional piano moving company is the cost since these companies are in it for the money. With self-moving, there is no extra cost apart from fueling your car. But you might have to get a truck rental if the piano is too bulky for your vehicle. A grand piano can be as much as 1,300 pounds.

Professional Piano moving company

Working with a professional piano moving company means you will expose worldly possessions to strangers. This is a big disadvantage because it is a fact that most cases of theft are by people who know you exactly what you have. Some grand pianos can even go for half a million dollars, depending on some factors. These are the age, the condition, the model and other factors, and this might attract thieves. With self-moving, it is possible to get people you know such as friends and relatives to help with the moving and this eliminates the risk of theft.

When searching for a piano moving company, a lot of research is necessary to get a reputable and reliable company. It is often necessary to check with the relevant government agencies and all this takes a lot of time and energy. This is not a problem with self-moving.

Piano moveing services in New York

Using the services of piano movers New York means you will have to work around the movers’ schedule. This might be difficult to do because job commitment or other factors and it may lead to a lot of stress. With self-moving, you can move when it is most convenient for you, at night even.

Sometimes, moving is an opportunity for the family to do something together. In this case, self-moving provides the family with ample time to bond. Moving to a new home can be an experience to treasure and self-moving provides an opportunity to create this experience. Self-moving can also give you a sense of independence and accomplishment.

Piano Self-moving

When you do self-moving of the piano, it is much easier to take care of the piano. You will wrap it more carefully than a moving crew can because you value it and the actual moving will be slow and sure. Professional piano moving companies usually charge a fixed rate, meaning they are always in a hurry to move to the next job.

Self-moving has other advantages such as elimination of the risk of identity theft and other cyber crimes since most transactions with professional movers are done online. However, self-moving has some serious demerits too such as lack of insurance cover for the piano. And also the lack of specialized equipment such as cranes in case the piano has to be moved through the window among others.