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Piano Movers Atlanta – What to expect

Piano movers Atlanta and elsewhere in the country will need to get a deposit before the actual moving day. If you find a piano moving company online, then payment is made via credit card. And if the piano moving company is offline, payment can be through cash or bank deposits. On the actual moving day, you will be required to make the whole payment, unless it had been agreed otherwise. You should choose the piano moving company that allows for negotiations which leads to a payment plan that makes everybody happy.

Piano movers in Atlanta will take you everywhere you want to go within the state of Georgia. However, if you are moving out of the state, you have to search harder for companies that offer the service outside the state and you have to deep.

Sign a contract before moving

You will get a contract to sign before the moving day. In the contract, the piano moving company will state what it expects from you and what you can expect from it. It is a fact that most piano moving companies are notorious for distancing themselves from paying for any physical damage. So it is important to read the fine print critically.

The piano moving company you choose will have the necessary equipment for moving the piano. These include trucks that are big enough for pianos and cranes in case the piano has to be moved through the window due to narrow staircases. The company will also provide shipping services if they are required and storage services.

Wrapping the piano

On the moving day, the piano moving crew will arrive and they will start by wrapping the piano. Wrapping is important since it prevent scratches and other physical damages. In order to minimize costs, you can do the wrapping yourself. If you are moving everything and not just the piano, the loading team will take the piano in first. It will be removed last to avoid any obstruction it may cause once inside the new home. The truck will have arrived before the packing is done so that things can be moved in as soon as they have been packed.

The moving company will look at the condition of the piano before the wrapping along with a list of everything else being moved. The function of this list is to eliminate future complaints about lost or physically damaged items.

If you are moving out of Atlanta, the company will organize how the piano is going to be moved into the new home. The company will have visited the house you are moving into or you will have given them the necessary description. This includes dimensions of the stairways, the lift if there is one available and the room.

It is important to have some money on the side just to be on the safe side. This is because you may be required to pay at road toll stations, buy the crew lunch, etc.

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