Wyoming Piano Movers

Wyoming piano movers

Wyoming Piano movers provide a very essential service in Wyoming and the rest of the country. The process of getting a piano mover in WY is not complicated because all you have to do is research on moving quotes from different companies, pick the company that has good services at the lowest rates, establish the credibility of the company you have picked, contact the company, schedule a date for the relocation, choose the truck you want, sign the contract, and then wait for the moving day. However, there are many do’s and don’ts that you should consider for the moving process to be smooth.


Do research on the moving companies you have shortlisted comprehensively, especially if you have an expensive piano. You should research on the reliability, the credibility, the rates, the type of truck that will be used, the insurance cover and contract, and on other relevant issues. When researching reliability, get customer testimonials, read reviews, or get the views of people who have used the company. When researching on the credibility, check whether the piano moving company is registered with the American Moving and Storage Association, the Interstate Commerce Commission, and get information from the Better Business Bureau. When researching the type of truck, consider the dimensions of the piano and the safety record of the truck. When researching the insurance cover and the contract, go through the fine print carefully because some piano movers try to exempt themselves from blame by hiding important information in the fine print.


You have to consider the alternatives. These are self-moving, which is also called do-it-yourself moving, and self-service moving. With self-moving, you do not involve a piano mover in the process. However, it is difficult to get insurance with this option. There is a risk of physical damage to the piano because of a lack of expertise. And it requires a lot of effort and time, making it very stressful. You should only consider self-moving if you are not moving far. If you have a van and manpower if you know how to wrap a piano. And if the piano can be moved without specialized equipment such as cranes. Self-service moving is a hybrid between full-service piano moving and self-moving.

You should visit your destination before the moving day to collect data on the distance, in miles, and the time taken. This will help you make calculations because some piano moving companies charge based on the distance covered. While others charge based on the duration of the move.


You can’t wait until the last day to start making plans. Take time to do research and to wrap the piano properly.

You should not pick weekends, holidays, or summer months. This is the time when most people are moving and the rates will be higher.

Don’t settle for the first moving company you come across. Compare as many companies as possible to increase your chances of landing a good deal. You should not trust everything piano movers say because they are out to make money. And they sometimes promise more than they can deliver.

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