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Piano movers are a necessity in Wisconsin, as is the case in other states. However, you should note that there has been an upsurge in moving scams and anyone planning to move within Wisconsin. Or to another state should be aware of what these scams are and the available remedies for these scams. You should be extra careful if you are using the internet to search for a piano moving company. Some unscrupulous people are establishing websites while they have no moving company. It becomes very difficult to take legal action, or any other necessary action if you become a victim of a moving scam.


The most common scam associated with the internet is cybercrime, also called internet fraud. Identity theft is a common scam and it is prevalent because transactions are done through credit cards. Cybercrime can be remedied by establishing the credibility of the company before making a transaction. One way of doing this is by checking with the relevant federal and industry regulatory bodies.

Examples of these are the American Moving and Storage Association, or AMSA. The Interstate Commerce Commission or ICC, or the Better Business Bureau, or BBB. There are also state and federal consumer protection agencies that offer a list of credible moving companies. To get a credible piano moving company, get recommendations from people you know such as your friends or your colleagues.  That has used the services of such a company. Go for well-established piano movers because they have a reputation to uphold. This means they will not allow their employees to engage in fraudulent activities. You can also check independent reviews and customer testimonials.

Most common scam

Another common scam is loading your piano on a track that seems genuine and the people involved stealing your piano. A grand piano can go for as much as $500,000 and this attracts many thieves. This can be remedied by making sure you know the operation base of the piano moving company. You should, therefore, go for a local piano mover. Because you will know its WI offices and you may even know some of the employees.

If you pick a piano moving company that is not well established. There is a risk that your home may be vandalized after the move. This is because the criminals will know you have an expensive piano and they will have seen the contents of your home. To remedy this, consider doing the wrapping, the loading, the offloading, and the unwrapping yourself. If you suspect that your piano can attract thieves, opt for self-service piano moving. With this option, the piano mover only provides the truck, van, or container and you can then drive it to your destination.

Sort of scam

Although not exactly scams, some piano moving companies promise more than they can deliver.  Others try to exempt themselves from blame if the piano is stolen or damaged in transit. And others have hidden charges. To remedy these problems, go through the fine print of the contract and the insurance cover carefully.
When a piano mover contacts you first, this is a sign of a scam. Piano movers who have unrealistically low rates are probably involved in a scam.

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