Piano movers in Washington

Piano movers in Washington and WA moving companies

Piano movers in Washington are either interstate or local movers. Each option has merits and demerits that you should consider before looking at moving quotes. Interstate piano moving companies, as the name suggests, offer piano moving services across state borders. When moving across state borders, it is important to use the services of such companies. Because doing the move using local movers has several disadvantages.

Do-it-yourself piano moving is disadvantageous in that insuring the piano is very expensive. This is because the insurer knows you do not have the expertise, the equipment, or the right vehicle. There is a risk of physical damage because of a lack of professionalism. And even tiny scratches will significantly reduce the value of the piano. DIY piano moving is therefore not a viable option when moving expensive pianos such as grand pianos, which can go for as much as $500,000. The only time you should consider DIY piano moving is if you have the right van, an inexpensive piano, and you are moving within Washington.


Using a WA piano mover is disadvantageous in that the company will not have the capacity to handle an interstate move. The company will not have the right vehicles, the drivers may have a hard time finding the destination. The company personnel may not be able to handle some logistical issues. However, local movers are cheaper than interstate movers. They are advantageous in that you will know their premises, meaning you will be able to take legal, or any other action if necessary.

Different interstate piano moving companies have different systems of charging and rates. Some base their calculations on the distance covered and others on the number of hours or days the move takes. Do your own calculations to determine the best charging system. When considering the rates, note that although cheap is said to be expensive. Just because a company high rates do not mean it is better. Make other considerations such as the quality of the service. To get a credible and reliable company, get recommendations from colleagues, family, neighbors. Also, consult with friends who have used their services or check independent reviews. Only go for well established interstate piano moving companies to avoid getting scammed.

Interstate piano moving

You can go for an interstate piano moving company or an interstate full-service moving company. The latter is necessary if you are moving more than the piano. And if you want extra services such as storage. You can also get an interstate that offers self-service. With such companies, a van or a container is delivered to your driveway.

The internet is the best place to search for interstate piano movers in WA and to compare moving quotes. Because it is convenient, the information is current, your privacy is protected. And you get to choose between hundreds of companies.