Piano movers in Vermont

Piano movers in Vermont and VT moving companies

Piano movers should not be optional when relocating within Vermont or to another state or country. The only time you should consider self-moving is when the piano is not bulky and you are sure you can safely move it from your old home and into your new home, if you have experienced manpower and the right equipment and truck or van, and if you just do not have the money.

Doing self-moving has several disadvantages such as a higher risk of physical damage to the piano due to lack of expertise and lack of a proper vehicle, a high insurance premium because of this increased risk, and you will waste a lot of time and energy in the process.

Why you need VT piano movers

There are several reasons you need VT piano movers when moving with your piano. Vermont movers are important in that they have years of experience and they have training on how to handle logistical issues. A mover is in a good position to advice you such things as the safest way to wrap the piano and how to fasten it to the truck.

With Vermont moving companies, you will get discounts on services that you would need to pay for with self-moving. These services include storage services, auto-shipping, and general relocation.

Professional VT piano movers

VT movers bring professionalism to the table. This is important because your piano will be safe. Grand pianos go for as much as half a million dollars and even tiny scratches can bring down the value significantly. Even when you have insurance, the damage is unacceptable, especially if the piano has sentimental value.

A VT moving company has the capacity to handle any logistical issue. If you are moving from, or into an apartment building, the stairway will probably be too narrow for a bulky piano. Piano moving companies have the equipment to move pianos through balconies, through windows, and sometimes through walls.

Vermont piano mover knows the rules & regulations

With a VT moving company, you will not need to be involved in the moving process. Moving can be very emotionally and physically draining and it means you can move the piano on a weekday.  Which is cheaper than weekends, without the need for taking time off work.

A Vermont piano mover knows the rules and regulations and other details of the moving process. This means you will avoid legal problems, they know how to secure convenient parking spaces, and they know the safest routes. The mover will also cover your piano against physical damage, even tiny scratches, and theft, even by company employees.

However, note that just like in other professions, not all piano moving companies will offer you value for your money. Some may even be fronts for criminal activities, where you load your piano into a genuine-looking truck and you never see it again, and where your identity is stolen. You should do thorough research on the moving company you pick to make sure it is the real deal. Go for piano movers who are registered with Interstate Commerce Commission or ICC.  And the American Moving and Storage Association, or AMSA.

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