Piano Movers in Texas

Piano movers in Texas and TX moving companies

Piano movers in Texas, just like other service providers, do not offer the same quality of service. Some are great while others are pathetic. To get a good TX mover, you need a moving guide. Before beginning your search, weigh your options because doing self-moving may be a better option. Consider this option if you have a van or a truck, if your piano is not bulky, if the piano is not too expensive, if you have the expertise on how to wrap a piano, if you have people to help you load and offload the piano, if you are only moving around Texas or to neighboring states, and if you will not need special equipment to move the piano through windows or balconies.

Search a Good Texas Mover

The first step in searching for a good Texas mover is to do thorough research. The more the companies you compare, the higher are your chances of getting a good moving company. Although the internet poses the risk of identity theft and it is hard to establish the credibility of the moving company, it is the best option because you get to compare piano moving estimates from many piano moving companies in and around Texas, it is convenient since you do not need to move around to make the comparisons and because you can make the comparisons any time you want, it is cheap because you do not need to travel to make the comparisons, and your privacy is guaranteed. Other sources are the yellow pages, magazines, and adverts on the radio and television.

Shortlist the moving companies

After getting a list of possible piano movers, make a shortlist by determining the companies that are credible and reliable. Some unscrupulous people are creating websites that are just fronts for criminal activities such as theft and internet fraud. Go through independent reviews and read customer testimonials for the companies you cannot get direct recommendations for. Check for certification with the relevant federal regulatory body and industry regulators such as the American Moving and Storage Association. Narrow down your list to about three companies by considering the rates and the quality of the service.

Confirm the detail and rates

After this, contact the movers you have shortlisted and confirm the rates and other details. If possible, visit the premises to confirm whether the company really exists. Read the contract carefully and if possible, have your lawyer with you. Lay emphasis on the fine print because some moving companies try to exempt themselves from blame by hiding valuable information in the fine print.

After this, choose the date you would like to move and the truck you would like to use. When choosing the date, avoid holidays, summer, and weekends. When choosing the truck, visit the premises to see the condition of the truck and consider the dimensions of the piano. Check with the piano mover whether the date and the truck are available.

On a moving day, make sure the driver inspects the piano to confirm its condition and that he/she signs the bill of landing. This should be repeated on reaching the destination. If there is damage or theft in the hands of the piano movers, make your claim with the insurers as soon as possible.