Piano movers in Tennessee

Piano movers in Tennessee and TN moving companies

Piano movers in Tennessee are expensive because they are in it for the money, but there are several tips that can save you money when moving a piano. To get the best rates, compare piano moving quotes from as many movers as possible. Consider the quotes from general movers and from piano movers. The more the companies you compare, the greater your chances of landing a good deal. This follows the basic law of probability. The internet is the best place to compare piano moving quotes because there are many companies to choose from since most companies in Tennessee and the surrounding states have websites and/or advertise online.

Get Accurate moving quotes.

Get accurate moving quotes. Some TN moving companies have hidden charges. Do your own calculations or go for companies with fixed price quotes. Bargain as much as possible – you have nothing to lose. Always read the fine print of the agreement to avoid the hidden charges. If the lingo in the fine print is too technical for you, ask for interpretation from your lawyer or accountant.

To save money on piano moving, only deal with reputable piano moving companies. This way, there will be little risk of getting scammed. Well-established movers are less likely to allow their employees to engage in unscrupulous and fraudulent dealings because they have a name to uphold.

To establish the credibility of a moving company, get recommendations from colleagues, neighbors, friends or family members who have used such companies, read customer testimonials on the company’s website, or read independent reviews.

Schedule the move

Schedule the move in advance to bring down costs. Last-minute hiring is usually more expensive. If you book in advance, you will be able to choose the best time. You will be able to avoid summer months, holidays, and weekends since these are the periods when most people are moving and therefore they are the most expensive periods. Booking in advance is also advantageous in that you get to pick the best truck for the job.


Consider doing self-moving to save money. However, note that this has several disadvantages such as inconvenience, it is more expensive to get insurance, there is a risk of damage to the piano, you will not have the right equipment, and you will not have the right personnel.

You should only consider this option if you are moving over a short distance and the move is straight forward, if the piano is not too expensive, if you have the expertise, if you are moving in a hurry and do not have much to spare, if you have the right van, and if you have the labor. If it is necessary to hire a piano mover, you can offer to do the wrapping, the loading, and the offloading for a reduction in the rates.

Unless your piano has sentimental value, you should consider selling it and using the money to buy a new one in your destination. This eliminates the need for piano movers altogether. And you should do this with as much as your property as possible, especially when moving over a long distance.