Piano Movers in New York

Piano Movers in New York and NY moving companies

There are many professional New York piano movers that can assist you with moving your piano to your new house. Before you hand over your money, however, remember to find out the following 5 things from the piano movers.

1. The technique of moving your piano

You must find out how the movers plan on relocating your piano before they actually do it. This will enable you to see whether they have the experience and know-how to move your piano safely. There have been cases where household moving companies claim to know how to move your piano, only to arrive on moving day to have no idea how to go about it. Your NY piano mover should prove that they can handle your piano before you let them do it.

2. Potential damage to the piano

In every piano moving process, there is always the potential of damaging your instrument. The New York piano movers should identify possible hard corners in your home that can compromise the safety of your piano and find ways to go around them. This should also be done before the day of the move because it will save a lot of time and energy when moving in NY.

3. Insurance coverage for piano and workers

There are several different types of insurance covers that the New York piano moving companies have registered for, mainly insurance for your instrument and for the staff that will handle the piano. You must check that the piano moving company is very well insured in both cases because it will relieve you of the costs of repairing or paying for any damages in the moving process. You should also check with your own insurance company to cover the piano’s moving damages for the best safety.

4. The total cost of moving the piano

Another thing to look out for is how much the New York mover will charge you for all the above. If your house or apartment building is a more challenging move for them, your charges will go up due to the additional tools and efforts to avoid potential damage to your piano. Also, there is an additional fee that you will need to pay for insurance that is added to the total cost. The distance you are moving the piano is also incorporated into the total price of moving your piano. To avoid getting overcharged, do some comparative shopping for NY movers a few months before your moving day and save accordingly.

5. References for the piano movers’ former clients

Always ask for the contacts of former clients who have hired the NY movers’ services before you. It will help you verify the abilities of the piano movers to handle your property. And probably save you from making a wrong decision. If everything checks out with the former clients’ testimonials. You can be confident in your choice of New York piano moving companies.

Take all the above steps well in advance of your time of moving. In order to assist you in selecting the best-specialized piano movers for your instrument.