Piano Movers in Missouri

Piano Movers in Missouri and MO moving companies

Prior to the deregulation of the mover’s industry in the ’80s, Missouri already prided itself on domestic piano movers. They might not have had the equipment and corporate establishment of the present-day Missouri moving companies.  But they provided professional service in piano moving. This tradition has been maintained and improved today. We have hundreds of moving companies in Missouri, some of whom specialize in piano moving.

Characteristics to identify the best piano movers

Several characteristics distinctively identify the best piano moving companies in Missouri. The movers are usually fully registered and licensed, very reputable in customer service. And manned by experts in piano handling and adequately insured against damage and or loss of pianos while in transit. Other important traits include:


Among the finest MO piano movers are those established in the business and with many years of experience. Most of these have been moving pianos for over twenty years now. And is therefore apt in solving any of your moving needs. While it is always good to give startup moving companies the benefit of the doubt, you might not be willing to risk your piano with inexperienced moving staff. It is safer to rely on experience rather than enthusiasm when it comes to such an expensive asset as the piano.

Extensive Networks and Facilities

Again, a well-established moving company has a higher chance of providing a satisfactory piano moving service than a startup company. There are MO movers who have been able to increase their manpower, types of equipment, contacts, networks. And facilities to the extent that they are able to facilitate local moves, regional moves, interstate moves, and even international shipping moves. Such is usually the best piano movers in Missouri.

Flexible Charging Systems

The best piano movers in Missouri have flexible terms of payment. They allow their clients to choose how they want to be charged. You might decide to be charged based on cubic meters (space) occupied by your piano, the weight of the piano, total mileage to the destination, number of hours the mover’s manpower and pieces of equipment are engaged or many such payment systems. This allows you to pick the form of payment that best suits your needs while at the same time cost-saving on expenditure.

Manage their Fleet

The best MO piano movers have their own trucks and they maintain them adequately. For one, you need a company that operates its own trucks since that means they will not be relying on other players. Subcontracting for trucks makes a mover overly expensive besides unreliable. Secondly, a well-maintained fleet ensures that your move is liquid-smooth and stress-free. You do not want to hire a company whose trucks nay fail in the middle of nowhere while carrying your $10,000 piano. Thirdly, a moving company that manages its own fleet will have modified the trucks to suit the specialized use of piano moving.


Looking out for this kind of trait will help you choose a reliable piano mover and one that fits your needs. However, you should know that the above-listed traits are not exhaustive but an exemplification. These are just some of the many characteristics that earmark the best piano movers in Missouri.