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Piano Movers in Massachusetts and MA moving companies

Once you have decided to hire piano movers in Massachusetts the next thing is to select the right one. The choice should be based on meticulous research until you find the best and most reliable MA mover. With the internet, that becomes quite easy. You should then contact the moving company, get a quote and compare it with other moving companies in Massachusetts. If you determine that the company is the most ideal, offer details of your move such as the moving date, time of pick up, and where you are relocating.

Piano moving

If piano moving is part of a more comprehensive relocation, there is a chance that you will be too busy to prepare for the moving companies before they come. That would be a big mistake. Before the piano moving company arrives, you must ensure that you are prepared for them. A piano is an overly delicate instrument, which must be handled with diligent care. This a major demand since, despite being so fragile, it is impossibly heavy and bulky. Preparation is a must for a smooth, safe and error-free piano moving. When all this is done, the only thing remaining is for you to prepare for the move. So, how do you prepare for a piano mover?

Ensure before the moving day

Try to think ahead before the day of the move comes. Begin by ensuring that everything blocking the access to the piano can be removed on a material day. As you await the piano movers to come, it will be good if you can try as much as it is possible to clear the way for the movers. Couches, tables and other items of furniture that are on the path should be rearranged to allow access for the wheeled trolley carrying the piano.

Piano moving is a demanding task that involves strategic rather than brute force. It is therefore important to avail adequate maneuver room. Again, the piano should be disconnected from any other peripheral attachments if any. Ensure that the piano’s lid is lowered and locked. Also, ensure that all the corners of the piano are accessible and not placed adjacent to anything that might hinder the movers to have a good grip.

On a material day

On a material day, ensure that you are at hand to answer any of the questions the movers may have. As they disassemble the piano and package it in cushioning material, you should be nearby. Keep a reliable timer running. Track the time from the moment the MA Piano movers arrive and as they go about the task. When you are around, they will rarely spend time chatting. Remember, that the hours they spend will also account for the amount you are charged for the move, so ensure that they spend the time working. Do not push them around though; else, they will shove your precious piano about.

Be at hand at all times when the men are working on your piano. Not only will you ensure that the instrument is handled carefully, but you will also be able to assist the movers with the information they may require. However, your preparations and presence should only aid and not complicate the job of the MA piano movers.

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