Piano movers in Maryland

Piano movers in Maryland and MD moving companies

Should one tip piano movers in Maryland after the safe and smooth piano relocation? If so, how much should you tip? The American culture of tipping those who offer excellent services to you is perhaps best exemplified in Maryland. In MD, the culture of offering a tip after service delivery is as part of the denizens as religion is. It should not come as a surprise to see someone tipping a daily newspaper boy after getting the day’s paper.

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The decision to tip is solely personal and tipping does not have to come out as an obligation. Nonetheless, it will come out as courteous, and as the least, you can do after a great service relocating your piano. Most of the men who will come from the piano moving company are on a monthly salary. They would appreciate a tip, especially when they have gone out of their way to make your move successful. Your research about the piano moving company was essential in finding a great moving company. However, you must also understand that it is the men who execute the actual move who makes it a success or a headache.

When you decide to tip the piano movers the problem then comes in figuring out when you should tip and how much to tip. While tipping a waiter at a restaurant is simple since you do it almost daily, the tipping moving company staff is tricky. There is usually no previous experience on which to base your judgment.

The following three factors will help you determine when and how much to tip after the services of Maryland moving companies or just any other piano movers for that matter.

The Size of Your Piano and the Distance It Has Been Moved

The tip should correspond to the size of your piano and the distance the movers have relocated it to. When the move is within Maryland, a small tip will suffice. But when the piano moving involves a bulky, heavy and taxing piano over long distances, the tip should be awarded.

The Complexity of the Move

If the movers have been faced by great complexity and demanding technical requirements. Then the tip should be considerate to that same extent. If your piano has to be disassembled and then maneuvered down staircases, elevators, and passages, the ability to execute such a move safely is overly demanding. If the piano movers execute it well, there is no reason not to appreciate their care, diligence, and hard work.

Results of Service

You are definitely not going to tip an MD piano mover who has just wrecked your precious musical instrument. Poor service should be punctuated with absolutely no tip. Any damage suffered on your piano, whether due to the recklessness of the piano movers or nor, should not be followed by a tip. The essence of a tip is to appreciate excellent service, nothing less of excellent service. The results of the movers’ job determine whether you grant a tip and if you do, how much.

When it comes to the amount to give the moving company staff. You are the sole judge based on how much you have and how much you can afford. The idea here is not to advocate for tips, but to ensure you appreciate those men and women who help you relocate effortlessly and satisfactorily. Once they feel appreciated, they will do a better job the next day. This is not only applicable to piano movers in Maryland but also in any other US state.