Piano Movers in Maine

Piano Movers in Maine and ME moving companies

Piano moving is usually an easy task when you have the right piano movers in Maine doing the job. As such, if are moving to, from or around Maine, you need to determine the piano mover you engage in the job. This will not only help you bring down the cost, but it will also ensure that the piano is relocated safely.

A criterion to choose Piano Movers in Maine

You have several factors to consider as the criterion on which to choose your Maine piano mover.


A professional moving company that specializes in piano moving must have an array of equipment to facilitate safe relocation. Such ME movers will have cranes and sling equipment to help in the safe delivery of pianos down and or up a staircase. They have wheeled trolleys to transport piano parts from the house to the trucks and vice versa. They have great suspension boards that are permanently fixed on their trucks to buoy the piano and secure it safe while in transit. These are just but some of the equipment that professional piano movers use to relocate pianos.


You need to ensure that you agree with the form of payment the ME piano mover uses to charge for piano moving. Moving companies can charge for their services based on the weight of a piano, its size, its space in cubic meters, the mileage traveled, the time spent (per hour rates), etc. Before you engage any of the movers, be sure that you agree with their form of payment.


Maine moving companies have to comply with the state requirements for all movers. This involves having a business registration, transport department operating license, proper insurance coverage and the licenses of all other states the mover needs to operate in. It is your responsibility to authenticate each of these requirements before engaging any piano mover in Maine.

Operation Infrastructure

If you want to relocate to a nearby ME neighborhood, a local mover will suffice. However, interstate, national and international moves require great infrastructure besides government licensing. You must, therefore, ensure that the piano mover you choose has the infrastructure, regional offices and licensing to operate in the area you are moving to. Do not hire a company that has inadequate facilities to facilitate the intensity of your move.

Availability of Piano Movers in Maine

You must also ensure that the moving company you choose will be available on the day of your move. It will be very inconveniencing to arrange for a movie only to learn the company is engaged fully on a material day. The day you intend to move must be communicated to the piano mover during the request for moving quote and any changes thereafter must also be communicated.


The Maine moving company you contract must also have a repute of good service. It provides excellent customer care, good track record in piano moving. And a reputable name in service delivery. Research on the company’s public ratings and referrals to see what former clients have to say about their services. This will help you find a piano mover able to facilitate a smooth, stress-free and successful relocation.