Piano Movers in Louisiana

Piano Movers in Louisiana and LA moving companies

Louisiana is debatably reputed to have the best and most professional piano movers in the US today. While that will probably be subject to your interpretation, one thing is for sure. If you find yourself on the verge of moving houses, and you have to take your piano along, there will be a host of LA moving companies to choose from. Piano movers in Louisiana are in their hundreds and each has something going for or against them. The buck stops with you in deciding which piano mover to contract.

Faced with such a wide range of alternatives, it becomes imperative that your choice of a piano mover in Louisiana be smart and backed by meticulously thorough research. This choice of the company to contract should be determined upon some basic considerations such as:

a) Where Your Home is Located
You are better advised to seek for LA piano mover close to your home. This will help in ensuring that they keep time on the pick-up day and that they can send somebody to inspect your home before the move.

b) Where You are Moving to
If you are moving to a short distance within Louisiana, a local piano mover will suffice. However, if you are moving out of LA, you need a mover with adequate infrastructure and licensing to facilitate an interstate piano moving.

c) The Piano Being Moved
The size, weight, and model of the piano also determine what the moving company will charge. This information should be communicated to the mover when you are requesting for moving quotes to ensure that it is factored in the moving estimates.

d) Value of the Piano
Some pianos are incredibly expensive. Before entrusting your piano with any moving company, determine their insurance coverage. It is better you choose an expensive Louisiana mover who has comprehensive insurance coverage for damages and or loss of your piano, than one who may endanger such a valuable asset. Remember that some companies only offer partial coverage for losses and or damages accrued when relocating a piano. Others, however, have comprehensive policies for such loss and or damage. Depending on the value of your piano, decide which type of coverage to seek for. Simply said, be smart.

e) Your Budget
Ultimately, the amount of money available and which you have allocated to facilitate the piano moving expenditure will determine which LA mover you engage in. Pricing of the moving services always plays a central role in the choice of moving companies.

f) Method a Mover Uses to Charge
Some movers charge for piano moving based on the weight. Others
based on distance traveled and others based on a standard rate. You
will also find some moving companies charging on the basis of cubic
feet (space) occupied by the piano. Choose the best-suited method to
your needs, preferably from the piano mover who gives a bargain.

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