Piano movers in Indiana

Piano movers in Indiana and IN moving companies

Moving estimates are an important comparison tool when researching the Indiana moving market for the finest piano movers in Indiana. It is important that you request for several moving estimates and quotes from several movers so that you can compare and pick out the best among them. Moving estimates are simply the estimated cost of moving your piano to the new destination, based on the pricing a particular moving company imposes.

They determine the cost of your piano move by a number of criteria such as:

• Tare weight of the piano
• Distance to be moved
• Number of hours to be spent during the move
• Demands on the move such as special requirements etc

Different Indiana piano movers

Since different Indiana piano movers use different methods in arriving at the final price, the estimated cost of most moving companies will give you will be varied. Almost all IN Moving companies vary in the way they compute their charges. Your job is to choose the best out of all the IN movers who send back the estimated cost, based on affordability versus the type of service the company is offering. For the piano mover to determine the approximate cost of the piano moving job, you need to provide some information while requesting for the free moving estimates. Such information includes:

• Where your home is situated currently
• Tare weight and the size of your piano
• Date planned for the move
• Type of insurance and delivery care you need during the piano moving exercise
• The destination to which the IN piano mover is to deliver the piano
• Any other special requirement you want to impose on the piano moving company


Based on the information provided, the Indiana moving companies you request estimates from will compute the appropriate charges. There is one thing to note though, that the cost given is only an estimate. The actual cost may vary after the piano mover implements the move, consequent to variation of mileage, time expenditure etc during the actual move.

You must, however, choose the Indiana mover who phrases the estimates in such words as “the cost shall not exceed ….”. This ensures that the company does not inflate the cost too much after the move. A particular category of IN movers to avoid is those who phrase their moving estimates as:

• The cost could be as little as …
• The pricing will start at …
• The total moving cost will as low as…
• The expected invoice should be in the range of … etc

In all these phrasings, the piano mover will be leaving a room for inflated cost after the piano move is executed. While free estimates remain the estimated cost of a move or best approximation of it. It should not vary with the actual cost to anything above 20%. Moving estimates will help in determining which piano mover in Indiana offers the best possible service and at a bargain. You will also get the chance to choose those who respond speedily and with corporate courtesy, a great indication of how the piano mover treats its customers.