Piano movers in Georgia

Piano movers in Georgia and GA moving companies

Professional piano movers are arguable indispensable, unlike ordinary Piano movers in Georgia. While you can be trusted to move your household items to a new home in Georgia using a GA rental truck, piano moving is whole new arena that requires nothing less than professional skill and experience. A piano is indeed the one item in your home that is always highly advisable to leave to a specialist moving company. Why you ask, well because they are incredibly heavy (over1400 lbs), bulky in size, unwieldy, ultra delicate and again, unbelievably expensive.

These constitute some of the reasons why you might consider hiring a specialist piano mover when moving within, from or into Georgia.

Others include:

• They save you money that you could otherwise spend on repairs
• They safeguard the piano’s exterior finish which is impossible to restore once damaged
• They ensure that your piano is in its pristine tuning even after moving
• They save you a lot of hustle in packing, moving and transporting the piano
• They secure your piano against damage and loss while on transit since most Georgia piano moving companies they are aptly insured for the same
• They save you on the precious time you could otherwise expend on the move

With all these advantages in your favor, contracting a professional FL piano mover becomes, as stated earlier, indispensable. Nevertheless, you have to be very diligent on the piano mover you contract since, while some are very professional and experienced, others are upstarts and with questionable service provision history. The idea is, therefore, to handpick one out of the many piano movers in Georgia based on the premise of reliability.

The following three requirements will help you in this regard.

1. Credentials

Piano moving companies, just like all other moving companies in Georgia, must be registered and licensed by the State Transportation Department in Georgia. Therefore, the piano mover your contract should readily provide their USDOT and or MC numbers the moment you request for their registration and licensing credentials.

2. Insurance Cover

You must primarily verify whether the professional piano mover has a valid, up-to-date insurance cover against damage and loss of cargo while in transit. All professional GA piano movers are mandated by law to have insurance cover besides being licensed. So do not forget to ask the movers for their insurance. Verify the certificate by calling the stated GA insurance company. This is not too much to ask from a moving company. That you will entrust with you’re a music instrument worth anything up to $10,000, is it?

3. Service History

The next factor is to determine how reputable the company is in the GA movers market. Try to research on the company’s financial performance over the last two years. Ask them for user ratings and references. Try to amass as much information about the piano mover as much. And then judge how reliable the company is. A good moving company is that which has numerous happy former customers.

While some movers are questionable. There are still some honest, hard-working professionals in the market. And who is willing to treat you with integrity. As you handpick the best GA moving companies. Let not the bad names beguile the virtue that you can still find among some Georgia piano movers.