Piano Movers in California

Piano Movers in California

Piano movers in California are not always necessary because you can do self-moving. It is therefore important that you consider the merits and demerits of enlisting the services of a piano moving company vis-à-vis doing self-moving.
Merits of using a piano mover

When you hire professional piano movers, you will be assured of professionalism. The movers have been trained, and have the experience, in such things as wrapping the piano, moving the piano through tiny staircases, and loading and offloading. Professionalism is important because there are logistical issues that may arise that are hard to deal with alone and there are legal issues that may need to be handled. The movers are in a good position to give you advice on such things as the best time to move and where to get storage facilities.

A piano moving company

With a piano moving company, you will get insurance. The cover is cheaper compared to what you would get as an individual. Insurance is important if you have an expensive piano – grand pianos can fetch as much as $500,000.

With CA piano moving companies, you will not need to involve yourself in any part of the moving process. The mover will be responsible for everything, from packing and wrapping to offloading and unwrapping. This is important because pianos are heavy, with an upright piano weighing as much as 450 and grand pianos ranging from 325 and 660 kilograms. This means there is a need for specialized equipment such as cranes, especially if you live in an apartment building.

Enjoy extra services such as storage

If you hire a mover, you will be able to enjoy extra services such as storage. This is particularly important if you are moving more than the piano. Searching for these services yourself is inconveniencing and expensive.

Piano movers are advantageous in that they give you convenience. This is because you can book a truck online and complete the transaction online and after this, you will not be required to do anything else.

Demerits of using a piano mover

Cost is the greatest demerit of a professional mover. With self-moving, you can use your friends, family, or neighbors to do all the work. Movers are in it for the money, but if you have your own truck, you will save a lot. However, note that you should only consider self-moving if you have the right truck, if you are not moving far and you are sure there will be no logistical issues, if the piano is not expensive enough to need insurance, if you know how to wrap the piano, and if you have the manpower to move the piano.

With moving companies, you will be dealing with complete strangers. There is, therefore, a risk of future burglaries, especially if you have an expensive piano because strangers will know where you live and what you have.

Other disadvantages are that you have to follow the schedule of the piano movers, strangers cannot take care of the piano as well as you can, and you will need an insurance cover even if the piano is not that valuable.