Piano Movers in Arkansas

Piano Movers in Arkansas

Piano movers in Arkansas can offer you self moving services if you do not need the full services of the movers. You should only attempt self moving of the piano if it will not be too heavy that it will give you problems when loading and offloading, if you have skills in wrapping a piano, or know someone who does, if the piano is not too expensive that it needs to be insured, if you are not moving far and there are no foreseeable logistical complications, and if you have people to help you in the move.


Before settling for self-moving, consider the pros and cons and weigh these against the pros of cons of using a piano mover. Self-moving is advantageous in that you will set your own schedule, because you will be able to take better care of the piano than strangers and because it is a cheaper option. All that the piano mover has to do is provide the truck.

The greatest con of self-moving is that if you need insurance, you will end up spending more with the moving process than you would have with a mover. The risk of physical damage is higher because you will not have the expertise or experience. You will spend a lot of time and energy on the move since you will not have the right equipment. Any money you may have saved with self-moving may be spent on hiring cranes and other specialized equipment and/or hiring labor to move the piano.

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If you have a truck, you can avoid enlisting the service of a moving company altogether. When picking the truck, consider the size vis-à-vis the size of the piano. Get advice from the moving company on how to prevent swaying. The piano will need special padding to prevent physical damage such as scratches. Physical damage greatly reduces the value of a piano. Have the movers do the wrapping for you. To get the best truck, give the dimensions of your piano to the movers and get recommendations from them. You can also ask for other services such as loading and offloading and storage, but you will be responsible for the piano.

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To get the AR piano moving companies with the best rates, consider the quotes from different companies. Local companies tend to have lower rates than inter-state companies. The internet is the best place to compare rates because many companies are listed and because it is convenient, anonymous, and cost-effective.

Book the truck weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. Avoid booking the truck during summer months, during weekends, or during holidays. This is the time most people are moving and the rates will be higher. Some moving companies charge according to the hours spent while others charge according to the distance covered. Do your calculations to determine the cheapest option.

When picking piano movers to assist you in self-moving, consider their reliability and credibility by checking with the relevant regulatory body such as the Interstate Commerce Commission and the American Moving and Storage Association.