Piano Movers in Alaska

Piano Movers in Alaska

Piano movers in Alaska are readily available because Americans see the state as a frontier that they want to explore, but not all of them will give you value for your money and some people who claim to be movers are thieves who will disappear with your cargo and others are into cyber crimes. Pianos are expensive, with a grand piano costing as much as $500,000. Although it is possible to get insurance for the piano, the piano may be irreplaceable. There are several considerations to make when choosing the moving company to use.

Alternative to moving a piano

Consider the alternative to moving the piano. If you are moving to another state or another country, moving charges may be too expensive. Selling the piano and buying another one in your destination may be a better option. If the piano is not too big, consider hiring a truck and moving the piano yourself. This will cost you less, but the option is not viable when moving to another state.

Best moving companies

To determine the best moving companies for your piano, get quotes. You can get online quotes or you can visit the company’s premises for a quote. You should compare as many companies as possible as this increases your chances of getting the best company. When considering the quote, do not let the cost compromise the quality. Note that some piano movers who charge more are just doing it to create the impression that they have superior services.

Reliability of piano mover

Consider the reliability of the piano mover before making a choice. The best way to get a reliable company is to get recommendations from people who have used their services. There are also online and offline reviews that you can go through, but make sure they are independent. Credibility is also an important consideration. Only settle for piano movers who are registered with relevant government and industry regulatory bodies such as the American Moving and Storage Association and the Interstate Commerce Commission. Go for well-established companies because they are less likely to allow their employees to engage in fraudulent activities.

Consider the services offered vis-à-vis what you want. If you are only moving the piano, then a piano mover is enough. However, if you are moving more than your piano, you need a moving company that can handle all the cargo. Getting different companies to handle the piano and your cargo will cost you more and it will pose logistical challenges. Alaska is very far from the rest of the United States and if that is where you are moving, you should go for an interstate moving company that handles sea and/or air relocation.

AK piano mover

The AK piano mover you choose should have the relevant equipment. Upright pianos weigh as much as 450 kilograms and grand pianos as much as 660 kilograms. The company should, therefore, have cranes and other equipment to move the piano. The company should have the right trucks. Inspect the equipment and the truck before the moving day.

Other important considerations are that the AK Piano movers should offer you an insurance cover against damage or theft and the movers should do the wrapping and unwrapping.

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