Piano Movers in Alabama

Piano Movers in Alabama

Piano movers in Alabama play a vital role in the moving process because it is dangerous to move a piano yourself. Pianos are usually bulky and heavy and since they are sensitive instruments, they can be damaged easily if not handled properly.

With DIY or do-it-yourself piano moving, people do not usually insure the piano because they have no one to answer to and because the cover is usually very expensive since the insurance company knows you do not have the expertise or the necessary equipment. A piano moving company will always have insurance.

Insurance of piano

Moving a piano without insurance can be costly because pianos are usually very expensive, with Grand Pianos going for as much as $500,000. Do-it-yourself piano moving is also disadvantageous in that pianos are very bulky and heavy, with a Grand Piano weighing anywhere between 325 and 660 kilograms and a standard Upright Piano weighing anywhere between 200 and 450. This poses a big logistical challenge because you will not have the necessary equipment or the right truck.

There are several considerations you should make when choosing between AL piano moving companies. You should consider the equipment that the piano mover has because it may be necessary to move the piano through balconies or windows if they are too bulky for staircases. The movers should have cranes that can reach where you live and if they do not. They should be in a position to outsource the service on your behalf.

Alabama piano moving company

You should also consider the truck that the Alabama piano moving company you are considering has. The company should have trucks that have doors that are wide enough for the piano. The truck should also have a fastening mechanism to prevent the swaying of the piano in transit. It is wise to check the fleet before signing a contract to select the track you want. This is because even if there is insurance, the piano might be irreplaceable.

Insurance policy

Go through the insurance policy of the piano movers carefully. The policy should cover the piano against physical damage, even tiny scratches, and theft, even by company employees. You should note that many movers try to exempt themselves from blame by hiding important information in the fine print. You should, therefore, go through the fine print carefully and if the lingo is too technical for you, go through it with your lawyer. A good piano mover should give you a bill of landing which will indicate the condition of the piano before the move and its condition after the move. This should be signed before and after the trip and you should take action immediately if things are not okay.

AL piano moving companies

You should compare as many AL piano moving companies as possible. From the laws of probability. This will increase the chances of getting a piano moving company with the best rates and the best service.

Find moving companies that offer comprehensive service if you are not moving the piano alone. This is important because having a piano mover to handle the piano. And a moving company to handle the rest of the cargo will cost you more than a single company.

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