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Contracting piano movers is not as easy as calling a cab and paying what is on the meter once you get to your destination. A piano mover must be a professional, trained and experienced in handling pianos in transit. We have numerous piano movers in Florida, some of them very experienced and skilled in the art while others are questionable. It is upon you to find the finest among all these FL piano moving companies when the need to move your piano comes around.

It is of course true that hiring a moving company just to transport your piano, sometimes looks like an extravagant expense. A competitive Florida piano mover will charge anywhere around $50 to $150 for a local move. Nevertheless, considering that you will have paid up to $10,000 to purchase a good piano, the expenditure of a professional piano mover is the smartest thing to do, if at all you are to safeguard the safe handling of the music instrument.

The first stage is to search for several FL moving companies who list piano moving on their service catalogue. You will get hundreds of them in a simple online search here, is you just input your state of residence. Request for free piano moving quotes from each of them. Prices for local moves will average in between $50 to $100. The quotes will provide an insight to pricing of each mover, which will be determined by such variables as:

• Distance of the move
• Size of the piano
• The kind of security and insurance you need for the piano
• Your current location
• Number of pianos to be moved etc

Once you shortlist the FL moving companies based on their pricing estimates (moving quotes), the next step is to ask each moving company to provide a list of references from former customers. This will help you see the service satisfaction has been credited to each of the movers.

Seeking for friend’s opinion while short listing the moving companies will also help in determining which of the FL piano movers to choose. On the overall, the following are some of the factors to consider when choosing the finest piano mover in Florida. Think of this as the criteria of qualifying the best of all available movers.

a) Registration and certification by relevant Florida authorities and government agencies
b) Insurance cover for the transit goods against damager or loss
c) Skilled manpower, with specialists in repair, maintenance of pianos
d) Credible references and positive user reviews by former clients
e) Good piano moving instruments like dollies, suspension systems, piano boards etc
f) Good customer service personnel to aide before, during and after the piano has been moved
g) Knowledge of the area you reside and of the destination whether within or without Florida
h) A competitive price as determined by the factors highlighted earlier in this article
Once you review all the FL piano moving companies you have sourced for free moving quotes from, use the above criteria to arrive at the best among the pack. The final decision of which FL piano mover to contract is yours and yours alone.