Move a Piano Safely

How to move a piano safely

Many people want to know how to move a piano safely when they are planning to move because pianos pose a unique challenge in the moving. Pianos are usually bulky and fragile and because the doors in many buildings are not wide enough. It takes a professional mover to get the piano in or out of the house safely.

In some cases, the move is into or out of an apartment building. Since many of such buildings can only be accessed through stairways or elevators, pianos cannot be accommodated. In such a case, there is need for professional movers with specialized equipment such as cranes to lift the piano into or out of the building.

You can move the piano yourself, but this has some pros and some cons that have to be weighed against each other. Cost is the major advantage and this is because you can have family and friends help in the moving. Movers can be very expensive. The major advantage is convenience since it is possible to move day or night.

If you Move a piano by yourself

When moving the piano yourself, it is wise to call on friends and family to assist. You should find a truck that is big enough for the piano. The piano should be wrapped well to prevent scratches and other physical damage. It is important to note that you can only move the piano by yourself. If you are moving to a house that does not require cranes to move bulky things through windows.

When moving the piano using professional movers, safety can be enhanced by entering into an agreement with the moving company. That if the piano is scratched or broken, or even stolen, the company will bear all the costs.

A standard upright piano weighs anywhere between 200 and 450 kilograms and a grand piano can weigh anywhere between 350 and 650 kilograms. The cost of a piano can be as much as 500,000 dollars, depending on the piano’s make, age, model and condition among other factors. In some cases, the piano might need to be disassembled to move it in or out of the house. These are some of the reasons why a professional mover should be contracted to move the piano.

Wrapping of piano

Irrespective of who is moving the piano, wrapping should always be done. The process for doing this is to close the piano, to get thick, soft blankets for wrapping up the whole piano. And then securing the blankets with tape. It is important to avoid getting any tape directly on the surface of the piano as it might spoil it during unwrapping. This wrapping minimizes the risk of scratches and other damages.

It is important to create space along the path to avoid bumping the piano into anything that might cause damage while moving. This should be done in the house you are moving from and in the one you are moving into.

When doing the actual moving, it is important to ensure there are enough people to lift the piano safely. If large rolling carts are available use it. Use it to lift from the knees so as to avoid straining the back. Avoid moving it sideways and to move it slowly.