Professional Piano Moving companies merits and demerits

Merits Most professional piano moving companies, as the name implies, are professional in all they do and they know everything there is to know about the business. The advantage of this is that there are legal issues that may pop up when moving that we do not know how to handle. It is also important because they are able to give advice on how to move, what time to move, storage facilities available and other such information.

Most professional piano moving companies offer insurance on pianos in case they are stolen or damaged physically – even tiny scratches. This is the major reason why people use piano moving companies instead of doing self-moving. However, even with insurance, some pianos can be irreplaceable and professional piano moving companies have enough experience to ensure that the piano reaches its destination safely.

When moving to a new place, piano moving companies save you the hustle of loading and unloading and the stress of driving for long distances. The professional piano movers will do the wrapping, the loading, the unloading and the unwrapping for you.

Most professional piano moving companies double up as general movers or are a part of a greater moving company. This means it is possible to get all your moving solutions under one roof. If you need auto shipping, if you need storage facilities, etc, the moving company will guide you. If the company is unable to provide any service you require, it should, and can outsource if for you.

Professional piano moving companies have specialized equipment you cannot get with self-moving. A standard upright piano weighs anywhere between 200 and 450 kilograms and a grand piano can weigh anywhere between 350 and 650 kilograms. Since some stairways are too narrow and some lifts are too small for the bulky pianos, it is sometimes necessary to move the piano in through the window. If you are living on an apartment building, the only way to get the piano up is through cranes. These piano moving companies also have trucks that are big enough for the pianos.

Using professional piano moving companies is convenient since it is possible to book a truck, choose a driver, make payments, and get other relevant information online. The movers do everything and this means you can have a stress-free relocation.

Demerits With self-moving, costs are low, but this is not the case with professional piano moving companies since they are in it for the money. You can even have your friends and/or family help in the packing and unpacking, something that is not possible with professional movers.

Using professional piano moving companies means strangers will know things about your new home and what you own and this is disadvantageous because it is a fact that most thefts are by those who know about you.

Using professional piano moving companies means you have to schedule your work according to their schedule and it usually leads to delays. It is also inconveniencing because you cannot move day or night as you would with self-moving.